Compulsory Screening Scheme suggested for local animations

Compulsory Screening Scheme suggested for local animations

Giggle Garage Executive Director, Zeno Gabing says there is rapid growth in the local animation industry.

8 Mar – Many Malaysians still do not know that Malaysia has a lot of animation studios that produce world class animated series, with local animated content even penetrating the foreign market.

However, the question is why are they still unknown? Or why are their works not shown in our country? Could it be that local broadcasters are marginalising the local animation scene and prioritising foreign animation for a greater commercial value?

Executive Director of Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd, Zeno Gabing admits the local animation scene had previously not received the exposure it needs, however the matter is seen to shift to a positive note after local broadcasters teamed up with their animation studios to produce animated series for the country.

However according to Zeno, the audience awareness towards local animation is still low and hopes those responsible like the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and the government would join their efforts in helping the local animation studios to distribute their works here.

Among the proposals suggested by Zeno is adapting the Compulsory Screening Scheme as introduced by FINAS to help local films to be screened.

"I hope those responsible like MDeC, FINAS or government officials would introduce a scheme, for example the Compulsory Screening Scheme for local animation."

"This scheme will work the same way as the Compulsory Screening Scheme introduced by FINAS that works to help local films be shown in cinemas nationwide."

"But for animation, I advise these animated series be given slots to be shown on local television stations," he says.

Zeno adds, saying if this scheme was introduced, it will indirectly provide exposure to local animation that were never given the chance and medium to be shown in Malaysia, as well as to the general public to show that Malaysia too has great animation works.

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