Jake Gyllenhaal might get his wish to play this superhero

Jake Gyllenhaal might get his wish to play this superhero

Jake Gyllenhaal might be the next in line to play Batman.

18 Nov – Fans either love him or hate him as Batman, so rumours of Ben Affleck being replaced will either be devastating or joyous, depending on which side of the fence you're on.

Fans of Jake Gyllenhaal will be soaring in delight, however, since the actor is rumoured to be the one replacing Batfleck, as revealed by Canadian filmmaker and critic John Campea on his "John Campea Show".

Talks of Affleck shedding the cowl and cape for good have been swirling around, strengthened even more after Matt Reeves took over as director for "The Batman", which was originally meant to be helmed and starred in by Affleck himself.

If Affleck were really to exit the solo project, Reeves probably wouldn't be bothered much since he reportedly already planned to recast Gyllenhaal for the eponymous role.

This means even greater news for Gyllenhaal himself then, since the actor previously auditioned for Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" but lost the role to Christian Bale.

The jury is still out on the recasting but depending on "Justice League's" performance at the box office, it could determine whether fans will continue seeing Batfleck or he'll be making way for Gyllenhaal (Bathaal?).

In the meantime, those who do love Affleck as Batman can catch him in the currently showing "Justice League".

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