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Local content coming to Netflix

"Rembat" will be available on Netflix starting 21 August.

11 Aug – Malaysians everywhere can now rejoice as contents from Primeworks Studios have been added to Netflix's international line-up.

Netflix subscribers in Malaysia can now find five of their favourite local movies and series on its platform, which will be added gradually, according to a statement from Netflix.

The five titles include feature film "Sejoli: Misi Mencantas Cinta" starring Maya Karin and Bront Palarae, the highly-rated Chinese drama series "Persona" (to be available on 14 August), as well as films "KL Zombie" and "Rembat" and popular drama series "Hati Perempuan", which will be available starting 21 August.

Through this partnership with Primeworks Studios, Netflix hopes that Malaysians can now "discover the best of local storytelling through TV series and feature movies alongside Netflix global members".

The streaming platform expressed hope that by showcasing the quality content from some of Malaysia's finest directors and filmmakers, it will bring the country a little closer to the rest world.

Meanwhile, Telekom Malaysia Berhad had also previously announced that it will be offering its customer easy access to Netflix starting this October.

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