Marvel's first Chinese superhero movie looks for director

Marvel's first Chinese superhero movie looks for director

Did you know that Shang-Chi is part of The Avengers?

4 Dec – For the first time ever, an Asian protagonist will be leading a Marvel superhero movie and the search for a director to helm it is now on.

Shang-Chi, a Kung Fu-skilled superhero, will be the focus of the live-action movie, Deadline is reporting.

Marvel Studios is now looking at Asian and Asian-American filmmakers to come on board to direct the project based on a screenplay penned by Chinese-American writer Dave Callaham.

There's no word on the casting yet but there's no doubt that the leading man will have to be pretty well-versed in martial arts, since Shang-Chi is dubbed the Master of Kung Fu and is highly skilled in both unarmed and weaponry-based Wushu style fighting.

Besides his Kung Fu skills, he also possesses the ability to create duplicates of himself, an ability he acquires after joining The Avengers (as seen in "Secret Avengers" comics and the "Marvel NOW!" relaunch).

This will be the first movie adaptation for the character since he was introduced in "Special Marvel Edition #15" in December 1973.

The upcoming Shang-Chi focused movie aims to introduce a new hero who "blends Asian and Asian American themes, crafted by Asian and Asian American filmmakers", similar to how "Black Panther" featured a nearly all-black cast and African themes.

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