Teddy Chin tackles CNY movie as third directorial project

Teddy Chin tackles CNY movie as third directorial project

Teddy Chin (third from right) will be helming a CNY movie for the first time.

1 Jul – Slated for release on 23 January 2020, "Fortune 2020" will be actor-director Teddy Chin's third directorial work and his first time helming a Chinese New Year movie.

"It is going to be a tough competition on box office with other CNY films, but I am definitely giving my best," he said. "I hope that this movie does not only bring joy and laughter, but conveys the core value which is to lead the audience to reflect on the value of "money" in their lives."

The movie revolves around Chai Sheng, whose work is dressing up as the God of Fortune for mall events. He and his friends, Ah Huat (Alvin Chong) and Ah Chai (Sampson Chew), go through their lives aimlessly.

23 years ago, Chai Sheng gave his friend Huang Bi Sheng (Jordan Voon) a red packet with a lucky number and Huang won a great fortune from it. This resulted in Chai Sheng's wife leaving him for Huang, taking their daughter Chai Lin (Tian YiRan) with her. When Chai Sheng is unwittingly reunited with Chai Lin again, he is devastated to let her see him in his current state.

He is then accorded great wealth by the real God of Fortune. However, his wealth for the day depends on what he lands on when he does his daily spin of the wheel of fortune, so he can be very poor one day and very rich the next. Through the unique experience, he gets to have a better understanding of money.

"Fortune 2020" will feature actors from four different countries.

The cast is made up of actors from four countries: Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan. Among them are the abovementioned actors as well as Kif Tan, Wen Suen and Han Xiiao Aii.

Jointly produced by Meii Pictures, Eternal Entertainment, Dreamakers Management and The Alley, filming locations for the movie include Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Bali. Aside from Malaysia, it is expected to be released in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia as well.

Music producer Chiang Teng will be producing a CNY album in conjunction with the movie. The public is invited to join in producing the album by participating in the "2020 CNY Songs Composing Competition", which starts from this month until next month. Songs selected by Chiang Teng will be included in the CNY album.

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