Celebrate Christmas 2021 with "Hotel Transylvania 4"

Celebrate Christmas 2021 with "Hotel Transylvania 4"

Rejoice, another "Hotel Transylvania" movie is on its way!

27 Feb - Come Christmas season of 2021, fans will be checking in to "Hotel Transylvania" again, this time for the fourth instalment of the animated film franchise.

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures Animation is moving forward with "Hotel Transylvania 4", which has been dated for 22 December 2021.

There are no further details offered on the fourthquel but it could be expected that it will once again follow the adventures of Drac and his family and friends.

The last movie in the franchise, "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation", was released last July. It made USD528.1 million worldwide, making it the highest so far among all three releases and Sony Pictures' biggest animated film of all time.

2015's "Hotel Transylvania 2" places second with USD473.2 million and 2012's "Hotel Transylvania" collected USD358.4 million, making the least considering that its production budget was USD85 million while its sequels had a budget of USD80 million each.

When "Hotel Transylvania 4" opens in cinemas more than a couple of years from now, it will be going up against 20th Century Fox's "Avatar 3", Universal Pictures' "Wicked", an untitled Disney live-action film and an untitled Warner Bros. Animation feature.

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