Producer says Venom and Spider-Man crossover "might happen"

Producer says Venom and Spider-Man crossover "might happen"

Will the sequel finally be the movie Tom Hardy's Venom meet Tom Holland's Spider-Man?

24 Jun – With two great Toms to work with, Sony understandably has big plans for its "Venom" and "Spider-Man" movies.

After news broke that "Venom" is getting a sequel, fans have been expecting Tom Hardy to reprise the titular role and producer Amy Pascal recently confirmed that the actor will officially be returning.

"When you think of Venom, you'll never be able to think of anyone but Tom Hardy sitting in that bathtub of lobsters. And once you saw Tom Hardy do this character, that's all you needed to know," she told Fandango.

Tom Hardy's "bathtub of lobsters" scene as mentioned by Amy Pascal.

As for the possibility of Hardy's Venom ever meeting Tom Holland's Spider-Man, which the latter has played in five MCU movies so far, Pascal said, ""Everybody would love to see that. You never know someday... it might happen."

"The key thing to Venom to Tom Holland, Spider-Man, Spider-Verse is that as wonderful and as tempting as it is to connect the dots, nothing works if the individual movies don't work and have their own integrity. And that is the key to it all," she added.

Tom Holland will be back for the fifth time as Spider-Man in "Far from Home".

So far, the individual movies seem to be working. The animated "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" is an Oscar-winning movie, "Venom" has a sequel in the works, and a new Holland-starrer, "Spider-Man: Far from Home" opens in cinemas early next month.

Pascal further teased that they have "big plans for Tom Holland to be a part of everything," adding that the Spidey actor needs to be in every movie she ever works on.

Well, fans hang tight, for now everyone will have to make do with individual movies until that long-awaited crossover finally happens.

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