The 5 best animated babies

The 5 best animated babies

The Boss Baby is ready to see you now.

Babies can be the most treasured or most terrifying thing that can happen to us. For Tim Templeton it would be the latter when the Boss Baby comes into his family.

Other than becoming the new center of attention of Tim's parents, Tim soon discovers that his new baby brother is also plotting in a scheme that would turn the world into a loveless one.

While it has been a while since we last saw a talking animated baby taking center stage in an animated feature, we have been going goo-goo-gah-gah over a few animated babies that have managed to melt our hearts.

Here are 5 animated babies that we remember growing up with.

Baby Herman from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

An adorable troublemaker who causes mayhem in the kitchen for all sorts of hurt to bunny rabbit, Baby Herman is cute and innocent until the cameras stop rolling. Smoking a cigar with one hand, and wrapping a woman in the other, Baby Herman is literally a gravely, deep voiced man trapped inside a baby's body. But even with his out-of-character swagger as a gangster, Herman is still a baby with a heart of gold who trusts that Roger Rabbit is incapable of something as evil as murder.

Boh in "Spirited Away"

Boh is the precious child of the evil witch Yubaba who takes after her mean streak. Oversized and overprotected by his mother who keeps him in an overstuffed nursery, Boh is eventually turned into a small (but still fat) rodent and taken away by Chihiro to meet his aunt Zeniba; the kindly twin sister of Yubaba. Alongside Chihiro's maturing over the course of her adventure, Boh also goes through his own path of growing up, discarding his entitlement and spoiled demeanour to be a likable companion to Chihiro. Eventually, Boh learns to stand on his own, and even defying his own mother for the sake of his friendship with Chihiro.

Diamond Destiny in "Storks"

Born out of mistake from the defunct baby factory of the Stork delivery business, Diamond Destiny is brought into the world from a wish by a young boy who wanted a sibling. Despite being a handful to deliver, a whimper from her is able to disarm even the most ferocious pack of wolves. It is thanks to Diamond Destiny that the storks realise that babies are the greatest gift that they can give to the world, and we only want to see them grow up to a happy life.

Jack Jack in "The Incredibles"

The newest addition to the incredible Parrs family who doesn't seem to have inherited any of his parents' or siblings' innate superpowers, Jack Jack seems to be just an ordinary baby living with an extraordinary family. When supervillain Syndrome thinks he can pull one last one by kidnapping Jack-Jack, he was making his gravest mistake. While Jack Jack has the least amount of screen time from the rest of the superhero family, he is instantly the most likable (and most powerful) of them all, manifesting a range of powers if all the members of the Fantastic Four...had a baby. We wonder if we will to see a grown up Jack-Jack who is in better control of his powers in "The Incredibles" sequel.

Boo in "Monsters Inc."

Probably the oldest on our baby list but not any less lovable (if not the most). In a world occupied by monsters that lurk in closets where the terrified screams of children are used as fuel for energy, Boo is accidentally brought into the world by the scariest monster of them all; the furry Mikey (also lovingly called 'Kitty' by Boo's baby talk). At first seen as a contamination until Mikey slowly grows to see her childlike innocent and dependency as a source of comfort, it is easy to grow attached to the human child that makes their separation one of the most bittersweet moments in Pixar's storytelling before "Up".

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