"Night at the Museum 3" new posters

"Night at the Museum 3" new posters

"Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" follows Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) on yet another adventure, this time accompanied by old favourites as well as new characters. As the magic powers of The Tablet of Ahkmenrah starts to wan, Daley embarks on a journey to London in order to save the magic before it is gone forever and everyone turns to dust.

Set to hit the cinemas on Christmas day this coming December, this will be the third and final movie in the "Night at the Museum" Series. Several new posters featuring some of the upcoming movie's characters have been revealed and moviegoers will now know who to expect in the movie.

Take a look below at the recently released character posters:

Larry and the gang in the third "Night at the Museum" movie.

Ben Stiller as night guard Larry Daley.

Ricky Gervais plays the president of the Museum
of Natural History, Dr. McPhee.

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