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Nicolas Cage goes "Primal" in new action thriller

Writer: Florey DM

Nicolas Cage unleashes his primal instincts in his latest action thriller, "Primal". This time around, the actor picks up a gun to play hunter Frank Walsh, who is aboard a ship headed back to the U.S., bringing with him a collection of dangerous exotic animals for a zoo. Among the animals is a dangerous white jaguar. Unknown to Frank, dangerous assassin Richard Loffler is also on the same ship. Chaos erupts onboard when Richard escapes captivity and uncages the wild animals. Now it is up to Frank to hunt down the assassin before the ship reaches shore. Take a look at the photos below to see what to expect when "Primal" opens in cinemas this 14 November!

Nicolas Cage stars as hunter Frank Walsh.

Famke Janssen plays Dr. Ellen Taylor.

LaMonica Garrett (middle) brings in more action aboard as John Ringer.

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Cinema Online, 11 November 2019

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