Mazlan & Cat hopes for "JPBC 3"!

Mazlan & Cat hopes for "JPBC 3"!

Interview conducted on 28 September at Cinema Online's office.

After the success of "Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak" in 2009, director Ahmad Idham didn't hesitate to create the sequel "Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak 2" (aka "JPBC 2"). Garnering RM1.5 million on opening weekend, "JPBC 2" stars Lisa Surihani, Cat Farish, Mazlan Pet-Pet, Bob Kuman and also Pak Pie, while Nora Danish serves as the new addition to the cast.

Mazlan Pet-Pet (R) and Cat Farish.
Q: How is the sequel's story different to "Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak"?
Cat Farish: What's interesting is that we have become witch doctors instead of ghosts, like in the previous movie.
Lan: It'll be more exciting as Bob Kuman and Lisa Surihani's characters are explored further and then there's also a new character played by Nora Danish.

Q: Was there a difference working with Ahmad Idham again for the sequel?
Cat Farish: The script is written by him. He will inform us of what he wants in a character and it'll be all on us to portray that vision he has. But if we're not doing it right, he will confront us. Interestingly, all the characters don't overshadow one another unlike some directors who do so in order for a character to stand out.
Lan: For me, he is a tolerant filmmaker. He frequently discusses what he wants from us beforehand and there will always be a few rounds of practise before we shoot. We really enjoyed our experience working with him.

Q: Are there any challenges during the filming?
Cat Farish: My only challenge was to be in cold water for a long time and that was hard! I couldn't stand it because it was too cold!
Lan: Nothing too hard during filming, but just that Ahmad Idham is quite meticulous about our every detail from head to toe so it doesn't appear too awkward on camera.

Mazlan and Cat are real jokers in person!

Q: How did you feel about Shaheizy Sam's absence in "JPBC 2"?
Cat Farish: I'm sad but what can I do when he has another movie production during the filming of "JPBC 2". However, his character's name is still mentioned in the sequel as we don't want to completely disregard him. Somehow, I hope that there will be "JPBC 3" where we can all regroup together.
Lan: The show must go on without his presence. Hopefully when there is "JPBC 3", we can be ghostbusters! (laughs)

Mazlan prays hard with Cinnamon that there will be "JPBC 3"!

Q: What are your thoughts on each other's acting?
Cat Farish: Abang Lan is a great man. He has helped me tremendously and I am glad to learn many things from him.
Lan: I am glad to have worked alongside Cat. It's not easy to find someone who is as good as him. We both give and take and that's what makes our work much smoother.

Q: What's the next step for you?
Cat Farish: My upcoming movie "Cuti-Cuti Cinta" will be played later this month on 21 October 2010. Music wise, I'm currently busy with KL Pop project that combines the collective talents of VE, Ruffedge and more.
Lan: For me, Senario will return with another movie entitled "Senario Ops Pocot" due early next year.

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