Perak theme park to feature live-action "Smurfs"

Perak theme park to feature live-action "Smurfs"

First ever live-action "The Smurfs" attraction to land in MAPS.

8 Jun – Visitors to Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) will have a smurfing fun time when its first phase opens early next year, as one of the recently added theme park attractions is based on none other than the small blue creatures – Smurfs!

The theme park in Meru Raya, Perak has secured the rights to the Smurfs properties from its Belgium-based worldwide licensor, International Merchandising Promotion and Services s.a. (IMPS), according to a statement on MAPS official website.

The Smurfs attractions will include costume characters appearance, 3D CGI show and shows at the live animation theatre.

By obtaining the licensing rights, the park will also have legal rights to use the Smurfs characters and images for attractions and promotions.

MAPS Perak and IMPS Belgium announcing "The Smurfs" attraction (Photo source:

"The Smurfs" have enjoyed a legacy of 57 years. It will be thrilling to know that children and adults in Southeast Asia will get to experience and enjoy the first Smurf live animation attraction ever built," said Veronique Culliford, president of IMPS and daughter of Smurfs-creator, Peyo.

Meanwhile, Ramelle Ramli of RSG MAPS enthused, "Bringing the Smurfs to MAPS is very much in line with RSG's commitment in redefining family fun."

"It allows us to give Malaysians, without them having to leave the country, the opportunity to experience and enjoy this iconic brand that has immense universal appeal through its one-of-a kind, memorable characters like Papa Smurf and Smurfette," the RSG chairman and founder of MAPS added.

A still of "The Smurfs 2".

Back in 2011, Sony released its first "The Smurfs" movie, a 3D computer-animated comedy movie that received generally negative reviews but performed well at the box office with its USD563.7 million global gross.

The 2013 sequel, "The Smurfs 2", received just as bad a review but did not fare as well, making only USD347.5 million. It was, however, still popular enough to get a Malay-dubbed version in Malaysian cinemas.

A reboot of "The Smurfs" franchise will hit the cinemas in March 2017.

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