John Cho joins Demián Bichir in horror reboot

John Cho joins Demián Bichir in horror reboot

John Cho is the latest to be added in "The Grudge" reboot.

19 Mar – "Harold & Kumar" actor John Cho has been added to the "The Grudge" reboot.

Cho, who is most known for his role as Harold Lee in the "Harold & Kumar" trilogy, has landed a spot as a cast member, Variety reports.

He will be joining the recently announced cast, Demián Bichir and Andrea Riseborough, in the movie.

The "The Grudge" reboot will be written and directed by Nicolas Pesce, whose past movies include "The Eyes of My Mother" and "Piercing".

Over the years, the Korean-born actor has since departed from his comedic persona and starred in more serious roles in movies like the "Star Trek" reboot trilogy and the "Total Recall" remake.

Cho can be seen in this year's "Caller ID: Entity", "Searching", and also as a series regular in Fox's "The Exorcist".

"The Grudge" will act as a reboot to 2004's American horror movie of the same name, which spawned a trilogy that ended in 2009.

The movie is based on the Japanese horror franchise called "Ju-on" and hopefully will be able to re-popularise the Hollywood trend of remaking the Japanese horror genre, which came to an end with 2008's "One Missed Call" (remade from Japan's "Chakushin Ari").

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