FINAS revealed as partner of "ethical entertainment streaming platform", Aflix

FINAS revealed as partner of "ethical entertainment streaming platform", Aflix

FINAS CEO Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri shaking hands with a representative of Aflix.

18 Nov – Malaysian netizens have yet to calm down from the controversial suggestion by the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) to censor Netflix content, so this new update is unlikely to make anyone feel any calmer.

Many on social media are now claiming that FINAS' move to urge the local government to censor Netflix is due to the fact that FINAS is trying to make way for a new local streaming service, Aflix, which it has recently partnered with.

Aflix describes itself on its Instagram account as an "ethical entertainment streaming platform".

Its last post on the account was a series of photos that featured FINAS CEO Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri. The caption that accompanied the photo read, "FINAS Malaysia agreed to contribute archive content to Aflix and work together to promote aflix to industry.

"InshaAllah we will work together to promote aflix as 1st ethical entertainment platform in Malaysia."

The post garnered likes when it was first posted on 30 September but in light of the recent Netflix censorship issue, social media users have been leaving comments stating that they would boycott Aflix instead. Many are unhappy with FINAS' attempt of censoring and controlling what local audiences watch on streaming platforms.

As Ahmad Idham stated, parents are worried of the negative influence that Netflix's uncensored contents would have on their children. With Aflix being an "ethical" streaming platform, it is believed that the contents on it would not feature sensitive, mature contents and are more family friendly.

(Photo source: Aflix's Instagram)

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