Daniel Radcliffe in "Frankenstein"

Daniel Radcliffe in "Frankenstein"

Daniel Radcliffe is in final negotiations to play Igor.

2 Mar – It is reported that Daniel Radcliffe, world famous for playing the Boy Wizard for more than half of his life, is currently in final negotiations to star in a new adaptation of "Frankenstein". But rather than going up for the role of Dr. Frankenstein, he nabs a stranger role in the film, the role of the hunchback Igor.

"Frankenstein", a book written by Mary Shelley, tells a story of a creature born out of an unorthodox scientific experiment by Dr. Frankenstein. Igor, his hunchbacked lab assistant, was introduced when films were made from the book.

The director to take up the film as a project is Paul McGuigan, who is credited for shows like "Smash" and the BBC "Sherlock" series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Daniel Radcliffe on the set of "Horns".

Daniel Radcliffe is known for taking challenging and unique roles since the last "Harry Potter" film like experimenting on Broadway, and starring in the horror film "Woman In Black", but he has also been seen on the set of "Horns" with, well, horns!

His character, Ignatius, is said to be a guy who wakes up from a hangover to find two horns sticking out his head.

With that film currently in production and "Frankenstein" on the way, Daniel Radcliffe has some really exciting things in the future that we are excited about.

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