Lionsgate suing over "Expendables 3" leak

Lionsgate suing over "Expendables 3" leak

Lionsgate is going after the torrent operators who illegally distributed "The Expendables 3".

5 Aug – As previously reported, a complete version of the star-studded sequel "The Expendables 3" was leaked online to the public ahead of its 14 August official release.

Lionsgate says that it found out on 24 July that a high-quality copy of the film had been stolen and uploaded to the Internet. Now, the studio is finally taking action, as last Thursday they had filed a lawsuit in California federal court against "John Doe 1-10".

The target of the lawsuit will be the operators behind,,,, and

As stated by the lawsuit, "By downloading one of these 'torrent' files associated with the Stolen Film from, users join a 'swarm' where they download parts of the Stolen Film from many different users and also upload to other users parts of the Stolen Film they have already received, until eventually they have reproduced the entire Stolen Film on their own hard drives and in most cases have also uploaded all or a substantial part of the Stolen Film to others."

It is no surprise to hear of the lawsuit as "The Expendables 3" is produced by Nu Image, notably known as one of the first companies to go after torrent users. In 2011, Nu Image was set on suing 23,322 alleged online pirates of the first film "The Expendables". The lawsuit was dropped when issue of jurisdiction was brought up by a federal judge in Washington, D.C.

The leaked version of "The Expendables 3" currently has more than a million downloads to date.

The identity of the individual who initiated the leak hasn't been revealed but Barney looks all set to take him down.

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