Michael Chen on "Cuak"

Michael Chen on "Cuak"

(Top L-R) Craig Fong, Tony Eusoff and Ghafir Akbar. (Bottom L-R) Kuah Jenhan, Chae Lian Dong and Dawn Cheong.

13 Feb – Combining few directors in one movie is nothing new in the cinematic medium. Such medium is commonly known as anthology, which is basically a collection of short stories directed by different directors. But "Cuak" is a breakthrough in the country where five directors (Khairil M Bahar, Lim Benji, Manesh Nesaratnam, Tony Pietra Arjuna and Shamaine Othman) writes and directs a segment each and put them together into a feature-length movie that tells one story.

According to producer Michael Chen, the process of making "Cuak" has been a long but fruitful journey.

"The idea came about in like 2005 and 2006. I approached Khai (Khairil M Bahar) and Tony (Tony Pietra Arjuna) about my idea. Back then, I asked Khai: Would it be cool if we can get like various local directors with very different style to do a project together? How about we make one movie together? Is that even possible?" Michael recalled.

Michael also revealed that the non-linear style seen in "Cuak" is actually done in chronological order during the film's shoot.

"We did actually shoot the movie in a chronological order. And we did them by segments. After that, Khai, who is our overall creative director, pieced everything together and we went through a lot of cuts until we finally found a formula to make it work," Michael added.

As for the intention of getting five directors to direct "Cuak", Michael emphasised that the idea is to tell a story that the local audiences don't normally see in the cinema.

"I felt like why don't we just put all of them together so they can make a movie that Malaysians don't generally see," Michael said.

"Cuak" opens at selected TGV cinemas on 14 February 2014.

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