Khairil M Bahar talks "Cuak"

Khairil M Bahar talks "Cuak"

Writer-director Khairil M Bahar is one of the five directors of "Cuak".

The long-awaited independent local movie, "Cuak" was released on 14 February 2014 and in conjunction with it, we caught up with one of the five directors, Khairil M Bahar to talk about his experience on filming it non-chronological style while he reveals what made the cut and what got censored.

Cinema Online's interview with Khairil M Bahar was conducted on 11 February at TGV One Utama.

Q: Hi Khairil. Congrats on the film! Tell us, how did you piece the story together?

Khairil: Before any of us came up with any sort of story, the first thing that we looked at is what kind of premise we wanted to play out in the movie. So we went through a whole bunch of different ideas until we finally settled down with the concept about a guy who is getting married.

Q: Are you worried that your movie lacks the commercial value to perform at the box office?
Khairil: Actually that is one of the worries we have. Any producers would. But at the same time, I think for us, one of the main concerns is to be able to make a great movie with good performances and cast these actors based on the movie.

Q: Speaking of casting your actors, for which some are mostly not commercially known, do you think that's a risk?
Khairil: Well, our movie's budget is not as high as most other movies. That's why we can afford to take the risk to cast these actors. As you can see, a lot of the cast members are from the Malaysian theatre background, and we hope we can give them recognition amongst the general public.

The local film utilises a non-chronological format of storytelling and stars (L-R) Ghafir Akbar and Dawn Cheong as the leads.
Q: Tell us more about your decision to make the movie in a non-chronological order.
Khairil: Movies like "Kolumpo" is one of those concepts that are always fun to do, because you get to show a wide range of talent pool. The main thing is that we try to make our movie differently by not segregating each one by itself. This proves to be more challenging than the usual one. So we try to make our movie as seamless as possible while retaining each of the directors' individualities.

Q: Upon watching the movie, we found there are some lines that have been censored. Can you tell us more about the censorship for this film?
Khairil: Well, these lines that were censored... as for now, I can say that it's because the lines are too sensitive. But looking on the bright side, the censorship didn't affect the overall story. In fact, if you think about it, we were actually very lucky to get away with it in the first place.

"Cuak" is now showing in selected TGV cinemas.

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