"Train Station" gets its first full theatrical release in Malaysia

"Train Station" gets its first full theatrical release in Malaysia

Director Tony Pietra (left) and writer Zalee Isa (right) at the Malaysian premiere of "Train Station".

16 Jun – Malaysia is the first and only territory for multi-director feature film, "Train Station", to have a full theatrical release as revealed by filmmakers Tony Pietra and Zalee Isa.

CollabFeature's record-breaking feature film "Train Station" is a one-of-a-kind project, featuring more than 40 directors working on a single story with each director directing a single segment.

At the Malaysian premiere of "Train Station" held at GSC Cinemas Mid Valley recently, the filmmakers of the Malaysian segment of the movie; director Tony Pietra ("Cuak") and screenwriter Zalee Isa ("Trespassed") revealed that Malaysia is the first country to have a full theatrical release of the movie.

"This is actually the first territory where the film is getting a full theatrical release because elsewhere it is getting only limited screenings," said Malaysian director Tony Pietra.

"The film's business model has been more for streaming, so it is more for VOD platforms and streaming services like Amazon and Hulu, that's why; we're actually the first one to pull it off," he said.

Screenwriter and film editor Zalee Isa also added, "CollabFeature gives every filmmaker freedom to actually do their own release in their own local territory, but they do not come up with any kind of money."

"We have to figure out ourselves on how we want to release the movie, whether it's a theatrical release, VOD or TV rights," he continued.

Despite being a single story starring a single character, the main character of "Train Station" was played 40 different actors who is given a series of choices, and each choice he/she makes will lead to a different scenario, each one filmed by a different director with a different cast.

Tony Pietra also revealed that he has just completed a feature film called "Safari Mall" which he co-directed and aims to release by next year. The movie is about a zombie outbreak in a mall starring Nadzmi Adhwa, Eyka Farhana, Namron, Davina Goh, Soffi Jikan, and Bront Palarae.

Meanwhile, Zalee is currently editing an international short documentary about the Zika virus, directed by American-Brazilian director Craig Leon. The short is targeted for the Cannes Film Festival and is aiming to enter for the Oscars' Best Documentary short.

"Train Station" is now playing exclusively at GSC Mid Valley.

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