"Ribbit" turns animated TV series

"Ribbit" turns animated TV series

The award-winning film "Ribbit" is coming to Malaysia soon.

Norman Abdul Halim the Chief Executive Officer of KRU Studios at his Raya open house.

19 Aug – "Ribbit", the first animated film from KRU Studios, is finally hitting Malaysian screens this coming September. The studio's Chief Executive Officer Norman Abdul Halim is hopeful that the film will open a new era in the local animation industry.

"I'm very hopeful this will open a new era for us, especially in terms of producing more quality animation and to be exported globally," said Norman to Cinema Online recently, at the KRU open house held in his residence in Cyberjaya.

"Ribbit" tells the story of a frog with an identity crisis. In order to find his true self, he embarks on a journey that takes him through the Amazon Forest. Chaos ensues when he starts believing himself to be a Prince stuck in a frog's body and he goes looking for his Princess who will break the curse.

The film is originally dubbed in English but there will be a Malay adaptation of it to be shown in Malaysian cinema. It will also be released in 3D.

Norman said that though there is no sequel planned for the film, there will however be an animated TV series of it coming out by next year.

The film has been receiving positive feedback from overseas after its world premiere at Canada's Niagara Integrated Film Festival last June. The film even won the festival's Best Family Film award. Germany has also been giving a positive reception to the film.

Come this October, "Ribbit" will be playing on 250 screens in the country as opposed to the usual 70 screens in Malaysia allocated for local movies.

"Ribbit" is voiced by an international cast comprising of actors Sean Astin ("The Lord Of The Rings"), Russell Peters ("Source Code") and Tim Curry ("Rocky Horror Picture Show").

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