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Don't miss "Irul: Ghost Hotel" on Astro First

A haunted hotel in Penang is more than meets the eye
A haunted hotel in Penang is more than meets the eye

18 Mar – Malaysian audiences should get ready to be scared out of their wits as Kuman Pictures returns with another low-budget horror-thriller film, "Irul: Ghost Hotel".

Directed by M.S. Prem Nath, "Irul: Ghost Hotel" follows Punitah, a documentary producer, as she searches for her missing brother. She believes that his disappearance is linked to a haunted hotel in Penang Island where he was last seen. Along with cinematographer Senthil and sound recordist Vicran, they make their journey to the hotel to investigate, joined by three amateur ghost hunters. Punitah hires a driver, but the man seems to be hiding deep secrets about the mysterious hotel. When members of their group are abducted and killed one by one, Punitah must quickly unveil and solve the mysterious tragedy behind the haunted hotel before she herself is killed.

Releasing on 18th March, "Irul: Ghost Hotel" is now available on Astro First.

According to Kuman Pictures founder Amir Muhammad, the production company wants to work with strong and innovative directors and these directors are given complete trust and freedom in bringing their creativity into the films. The only caveat is that they must work with the budget.

Having received an award for Best Short Film at International Indian Film Festival 2005, "Irul: Ghost Hotel" is director M.S. Prem Nath's fourth feature film.

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