Don't miss EUFF's 23 films!

Don't miss EUFF's 23 films!

Spanish thriller "Sleep Tight" is one of the EUFF's free screenings.

1 Nov Moviegoers will be able to watch 23 specially selected films from 20 European countries starting from 7 November till 11 December at participating Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) outlets, during the 14th European Union Film Festival.

The 23 films that will be screened are Michael Haneke's award-winning "Amour" (Austria), "Oxygen" (Belgium), "Faith, Love And Whisky" (Bulgaria), "Men In Hope" (Czech Republic), "This Life" (Denmark), "A Christmas Story" (Finland), "The Day Of The Crows" (France), "Barbara" (Germany), "Oh Boy!" (Germany), "A Touch Of Spice" (Greece), "The Grocer" (Greece), "Made In Hungaria" (Hungary), "Kryptonite!" (Italy), "Maddened By His Absence" (Luxembourg), "Dark Woods" (Norway), "With Fire & Sword" (Poland), "21 Days: The Heineken Kidnapping" (The Netherlands), "Phantom Father" (Romania), "Sleep Tight" (Spain), "Beyond" (Sweden), "Easy Money" (Sweden), "The Sandman" (Switzerland), and "London: The Modern Babylon" (United Kingdom).

Moviegoers will finally be able to watch Michael Haneke's "Amour".

The 14th European Union Film Festival will be held specifically at GSC Pavilion, GSC Mid Valley and GSC 1 Utama from 7 to 17 November before moving on to GSC Gurney Plaza from 21 to 27 November, and finally ending at GSC Suria Sabah from 5 to 11 December. Tickets for the films are priced at RM 6.

However, "Kryptonite!", "Sleep Tight" and "London: The Modern Babylon" will be screened for free, and moviegoers can redeem their tickets by printing out a special coupon pertaining to the film from GSC website.

Since its inception in Malaysia in 2000, the EUFF was to become an annual cultural event that gives local audiences a taste of Europe's diversity, creativity and stunning landscapes.

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