"Deadpool 3" confirmed but will it be R-rated?

"Deadpool 3" confirmed but will it be R-rated?

Might we be seeing a PG-13 "Deadpool" in the future?
Might we be seeing a PG-13 "Deadpool" in the future?

30 Dec – When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, we wondered if "Deadpool" would get another sequel.

Another movie has now been confirmed by star Ryan Reynolds himself, as reported by ComingSoon.Net, but the question remains whether "Deadpool 3" will stick to the franchise's signature R-rated humour or change to fit Marvel's usual guidelines.

Both Kevin Feige and CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, have previously mentioned wanting Deadpool to stick to its roots as an R-rated film.

If they keep this promise, "Deadpool 3" will be Marvel's first R-rated movie!

Ryan Reynolds previously shared that he had a meeting with Marvel (Photo source: Ryan Reynolds' Twitter).

When Reynolds previously posted about meeting with Marvel back in October, with a caption claiming to have auditioned for the role of Iron Man, fans were quick to speculate about "Deadpool 3" possibly being in the works.

However, only recently has Reynolds officially confirmed the movie.

"We're working on it right now with the whole team. We're over at Marvel [Studios] now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It's kinda crazy," he said while being interviewed on "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

While fans are excited to see Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all of the MCU: Phase Four movies – the timeline from 2020 to 2021 – have already been announced. This means that the soonest we'll be able to catch the third "Deadpool" instalment is in 2022.

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