CO Movie Day: "Mother's Day"

CO Movie Day: "Mother's Day"

Passes for the free preview of "Mother's Day".

5 May – Cinema Online readers are lucky enough to be able to experience "Mother's Day" earlier this year, in a way.

Readers were given the chance to win preview passes to watch the comedy drama for free last Tuesday.

Most of the winners were interested in watching the movie because of its star-studded cast. According to Lim Heng Lee, he was most excited about Julia Roberts' long-awaited appearance on the big screen.

Melody Looi Tze Tze ready for a fun movie night!

Lim Heng Lee is looking forward to Julia Roberts' part in the movie.

Nasrul Fareed bin Nordin hopes the movie will be funny.

While for other members of the audiences, it's Jason Sudeikis they are most looking forward to, as well as the laugh out loud moments the funny guy is sure to bring to the big screen.

"The storyline looks interesting," said Chrishanne. "There are a lot of talented actors and actresses in the movie."

Liew Kah Yung and Thong Yoke Lan too win passes for the movie.

Chrishanne Sebastiampillai wants to watch due to the interesting storyline.

"Mother's Day" follows several women who come to terms with their relationships with their mothers as Mother`s Day draws near. Sandy's (Jennifer Aniston) ex-husband has remarried a younger woman named Tina (Shay Mitchell). Miranda (Julia Roberts) gave up her only child, Kristin (Britt Robertson), for adoption at birth and now a grown-up Kristin is encouraged by her friend, Jesse (Kate Hudson), to find her birth mother. Jesse is meanwhile surprised by her parents when they suddenly come to visit.

"Mother's Day" opens in cinemas nationwide today.

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