Voices behind "Shrek"!

Voices behind "Shrek"!

Mike Myers as Shrek

Mike Myers is a comedian in real life and has a natural flair of playing characters. He lends his voice to this green ogre with a Scottish accent. Myers might not be as physically big as Shrek but his personality is sure big enough to make this ogre sound fierce yet gentle at times. He showcases his talent in the "Austin Powers" films by playing both the title role and villain as well as other characters. He has certainly helped to portray the character Shrek well and we couldn't think of anyone else more suitable for this role!
Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona

Cameron Diaz and Princess Fiona both are tough females that you don't want to mess with. The similarities between Fiona and her would be their charming smiles but since Fiona has become an ogre permanently; they don't have much in common anymore except for those lovely boots they're wearing. Unless, Diaz suddenly turns green and we're pretty sure this won't happen anytime soon or ever after.
Eddie Murphy as Donkey

"DONKEEEEEEEEEEYYY!!!" – Never once has a "Shrek" movie gone by without the ogre roaring this word. One of the stars of the show (yes, a common grey donkey), Eddie Murphy is well suited as the fast talking, dancing and singing Donkey who provides much of the laughter in the movies. The crew responsible for the animation have animated Donkey based entirely on Murphy. He might not be cute but his big personality makes up for the looks. Remember this line?

"Now I'm a flyin', talkin' donkey! You mighta seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly. But I bet you ain't neva seen a donkey fly!"
Antonio Banderas as Puss In Boots

Judging by the picture, Bandera tries to get as furry as his cat counterpart, Puss that aspires to be the next Robin Hood with a feathered cap and knee high boots. Don't be fooled by his appearance as Spanish-born Banderas voices the wide-eyed, sword-wielding kitty, which appeared to have put on some extra weight in the fourth instalment. Sharing his deep voice and Spanish accent with the cat, Puss will have its own movie spinoff starring Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. It will focus on Puss' childhood as Antonio explains: "I already did the first recordings and it's going to be called 'Puss In Boots' – it starts when he was very little. He was in an orphanage when he first discovered the effect he has on people – that's when he starts being intelligent."
Julie Andrews as Queen Lilian

Julie Andrews has a lot in common with Queen Lilian. Unlike her husband King Harold, she accepts Shrek into the family. Like Andrews, she is a determined character who leads the pack of princesses while humming "My Favourite Things" and "A Spoonful Of Sugar" to escape in "Shrek The Third". Andrews is definitely suited to voice Queen Lilian as she played a queen in "The Princess Diaries" as well. Looking elegant as always, both of them do look somewhat similar especially when they smile.
Rupert Everett as Prince Charming

Our Prince Charming has revealed that he is gay (gasp!). Actually, it's Rupert Everett to be exact. Prince Charming shares the same good looks with Everett, dashing and ready to win the hearts of the maidens in the kingdom of Far Far Away. And like his counterpart, he loves getting the attention as he mentioned that he enjoys being interviewed.

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